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Gene Jackson on Drums Youtube Video Channel:

This is a collection of YouTube video's from various performances over the years from around the world-

Safecast 10th Anniversary:
Gene Jackson Trio
Pat Glynn- Acoustic Bass
Makoto Oka- Tenor Saxophone
Gene Jackson- Drums

Gene Jackson Youtube Channel:

Tokyo Summit:

I was asked to join a video project called Tokyo Summit which highlights several Jazz groups in the Tokyo area. This video is a sampler of the artist involved. My trio is the second group on this video. The members of my Tokyo trio are
Mayuko Katakura -Piano and Patrick Gylnn-Acoustic Bass-

Virtual Sessions 2020:

I had the honor of doing this project with the great Belgium guitarist Jeanfrançois Prins this is his composition,"Small Things"-
In April 2020 I was supposed to perform with my trio at Small's and Zinc Bar in New York City however due to the Covid-19 crisis it was cancelled so I was interested in trying to do a virtual session. We play the Bud Powell composition, "I Ain't Foolin", The members of my trio in New York are Gabriel Guerrero-Piano and Edward Perez-Acoustic Bass.-

Now Defunct, "Band of Black":

From 2016-2017 I put together a group of my friends living in Tokyo, The idea was to highlight music we all had in common inspired by our various backgrounds growing up in the Urban centers of the United States. I really enjoyed this band however we could not get any interest in Tokyo. I got frustrated that we could not build an audience in Tokyo so I decided to end the band unfortunately. The great musicians of this band were: Tony Suggs-Keyboards, Clifford Archer-Electric Bass, Raymond McMorrin-Tenor Sax:

"Jamin with Jesus"-
"Autumn Leaves"-
"Jazz Crimes"-

Gene Jackson, Live drum track on SoundBetter